An Update For What's Been Goin' On...

(plus a job opportunity)

Hello comrades!

Sorry that there hasn’t been much out of me in the last few months except the occasional podcast drop, but it ultimately comes down to, as always… I am loaded by work.

Quartr is doing extremely well… but I wanted to give you an insight into the things that I’ve been thinking about re: everything ‘Curious Worldview’ and shine a light into the scattered activity behind the podcast and newsletter.

For instance… sitting in my newsletter drafts and half finished, I’ve started writing essays on a bunch of completely unrelated stuff such as…

  • Re-Visiting Bullshit Jobs (David Graeber’s famous essay of the same name)

  • A Beginners Guide To Absurdism

  • Why Nietzsche Would Have Hated Don Draper

  • Why Science & Religion End Up Two Sides Of The Same Coin

  • Mile’s Davos Speech & His Failures To Identify Problems Of Rampant Capitalism

  • Why The Global Village Does More Harm Than Good

  • Taleb’s Blindfold Metaphor

  • An Ode To David Perells ‘Hugging The X-Axis’

  • And honestly, like 10 more titles barely halfway finished… these were all intended to be newsletters (but I’m not yet happy with them!)

These are sprawling thoughts and research that tangent as inspiration amid everything I’m doing and consuming in a day.

I’ve been watching Mad Men… therefore Draper analysis, I figured out why I think Norm MacDonald is so funny… it’s absurdism - and so on and so forth with each of those titles above, as something becomes interesting I will start to try and do something about it (take a note or start an essay) but then life continues, the inspiration dies and fragments of writing are the only reminder that this was something you ever thought about at all.

I am looking for someone who knows my podcast intimately to help me create more content for the ravenous social media algorithms.

I am patient and don’t want to send something out unless it’s good. My misses created these two examples below which I think are almost perfect because they are unlike the podcast clipped content already floating through the social’s but as well they took time, and effort and therefore I want them to be associated with the ‘Curious Worldview’ brand. I think both of them could be dialled in a bit further but I’d be stoked to hear from one of you (or if you know anyone forward them this email) who would be interested in paid work to do this at a bit of scale for the podcast.

So, if you rate yourself as capable of creating content in the style of above, both shorts that clip highlights from the pod plus infographics that can synthesise the important parts from several episodes and you are keen to make side sheckles… reply to this email.


I am going to Australia for one of my oldest mates weddings next week. Therefore, wont’ be doing much here or on the podcast for about a month…

I was supposed to be interviewing Robyn Davidson (literally top 3 dream guest) but looks like I would need to make my way into rural Tassy and I have neither the time nor money. Which is why if I can just grow these efforts (podcast & newsletter) then I can begin to make money from it. Pay for better production. Pay for a flight to NY, sit down with Taleb. I can scale this higher than trampoline jumps… but these are my problems, not yours. I am just so greatful and stoked that you are here at all.

The limitations of going all in is the trade off the other…

But with guests like…

I am super bullish on the unique curation of guests and style of interview which this podcast publishes.

The limitations of growth is about a 70/30 split between distribution and quality. I’m doing my best to ensure the quality, but admittedly have failed repeatedly at the distribution. That’s why I’m looking for help. I think one good person who is creative and energised could be the distribution engine that makes the difference.

Reply to this email if that could be you.

… and if not, pump your good juice into the algorithm One here for Spotify, one here for Apple.

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