Curious Worldview

Curious Worldview


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“A charismatic mix of cerebral thinking with straight talking”

Tim MarshallPrisoners Of Geography

“Ryan brings us the globe in a podcast. By exploring the face of the planet, he takes us into life in all its varied forms and deep into the minds of authors who have a tale to tell. He gets them to tell us the part of the story that never gets to print.”

Jack WeatherfordGenghis Khan & The Making Of The Modern World

“His podcast is fantastic - long, detailed discussions about the way the world works”

Ed ConwayEconomics Editor, Sky News

“Curious, clear and candid, Ryan is the perfect podcaster. He draws the best out of his guests, making them think anew of topics they have researched for years. And he loves cricket - what's not to like? ”

Tim ButcherAfrican Correspondent, The Sunday Telegraph

“Ryan's intellectual enthusiasms are infectious. I especially enjoyed our series on Nietzsche's life and influential ideas”

Stephen HicksNietzsche & The Nazis