A Coupla' Oldies Buried In The Annals

Podcast's Lost Like Tears In The Rain

A listener of the podcast wrote to me to talk about one of the early episodes of the pod, #24 with co-author of Why Nations Fail, James Robinson

James made a surprising admission regarding how he thinks about corruption (and this is from the author of a book which exclaims ‘institutions are everything’) and the email correspondence made me really reminisce on the research and nervousness I experienced during these early episodes. On this particular recording, I remember the late sun in the early Swedish Spring slowly cast a shadow across the room and serendipitously create cinematic lighting (see for yourself on youtube).

The shows experienced significant growth in the last 6 months but so few of the new listeners have dove into the shallow depths of the podcasts backlog.

I’ve selected a few that I wanted to bring to your attention…

My Picks From The First #100 Episodes

A Couple More From The First #100 Episodes


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