Big Guest Announcements For The Pod!

Forgive my absence... all will be explained.

Hi all!

Forgive my absence - things have been hectic in the last few weeks.

I got engaged, went away for the missus 30th and have been in between it all back to back to back with my day job.


The next few weeks are going to be some of the best in podcasts short history.

… here is a window of what to expect (my hope is to create a bit of anticipation - especially here on this newsletter, since this is the most direct line of communication I have with you… my podcast audience)

Tomorrow - Bill Browder. This is his 2nd appearance on the pod, and in the episode dropping tomorrow Bill talks about (among other things) how the threat to his personal safety has been increasing as Putin’s reputation on the global stage has been decreasing. Bill’s first appearance was one of the high water marks of the podcast do date. He goes deep on his experiences managing the largest source of western capital in Russia’s privatisation post break up of the Soviet Union. I could go on about Bill for days. He’s amazing, I really hope you enjoy the podcast.

Then… in a yet to be determined order these are some of the guests coming up!

  • Jon Lee Anderson - Potentially the coolest guest to have graced the podcast’s guest list so far. He is a staff writer for the New Yorker and a wonderful combination of adventurer, journalist, explorer and writer.

  • Patrick Watts - Examining the US Empire and why and how it is destined to fall.

  • Sam Leith - It’s rhetoric all the way down. Sam is a legend, we recorded this at his home after playing ping pong for an hour and being locked out of his house.

  • Samo Burja - Is one of the most interesting thinkers, writing at the moment.

  • Michael Hilliard - Run’s the best geopolitics podcast out there… The Red Line

  • Marc Hijank - wrote the definitive history of ASML

Plus some yet to be confirmed, but I couldn’t be more bullish!


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