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  • 'Big Mike' Salbro... The Aboriginal Boy Who Grew Up In Northern Sweden

'Big Mike' Salbro... The Aboriginal Boy Who Grew Up In Northern Sweden

One Of The Last From The Stolen Generation...

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From The Stolen Generation To Growing Up In Sweden…

This was first uploaded July 2021 as episode #31 of the pod!

Today, almost 3 years and 130 episodes later, I am re-uploading this episode to bring it the top of the feed! (I probably had about 50 downloads back then).

Because Mike’s story is full of twists, turns, tragedies and inspiration. And I think stands alone as one of the high water marks of this podcast’s history.

He was adopted at just a few months old from a lovely Swedish woman and shortly there after, moved to Stockholm. Mike, alongside his brother, then grew up in Sweden making their way through Swedish schools, the Swedish language and the entire Swedish system.

Mike has now returned to Australia. Brisbane specifically and works as a social worker after going through his own journey in the social system supporting young indigenous people of Australia.

This chat meant a lot to me. Big Mike is a legend. Spread the good word far and wide.

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