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Michael Hilliard - From Ghostwriting Geopolitics to 'The Red Line'

#172 of 'The Curious Worldview Podcast'

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Creator & Host Of ‘The Red Line Podcast

Micheal Hilliard is a geopolitical analyst host and creator of 'The Red Line Podcast'… and! a fellow Aussie coming to us today from Australia’s glorious West coast capital, Perth.

Micheal and his team with the 'Red Line' take a deep fortnightly dive into a eclectic mix of narrow geopolitical topics … everything from the second hand market for nuclear weapons to the growth of Chinese private military groups...

And so therefore, and needless to say, the 'Red Line'  is brilliant and if you have anything geopolitical populating your new episodes feed you'd be smart to too add the red line to your subscriptions. 

This is Michael’s second appearance on the pod… in his first appearance he hinted a time in his life when he was living in Kazakstan ghostwriting geopolitical analysis and this tidbit has been on my mind ever since.

Therefore this pod we do Michael Hilliard

  • Touring as a bass player in a rock n roll band

  • Tid bits on Turkmenistan

  • Top to bottom the world of geopolitics ghostwriting

  • Indonesia from Australia’s perspective

  • Serendipity… and much more

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