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Palmer Luckey & Bayes

The best things I consumed this week…

Tom Chivers

A journalist after my own heart. He is a freelancer who simply writes about the things that interest him most and has managed to build a career around it ❤️… (I interviewed him this week and will be published on the podcast soon)

Palmer Luckey on Pirate Wires Podcast

Palmer is an absolute force… he made 100s of millions of dollars selling Oculus to Facebook when he was either in his teens or early twenties, he then went on to slag off Jason Calacanis, and then started Anduril, a defence and weapons manufacturing company… he’s an incredibly interesting person and clear speaker.

An Extremely Generous Review Of The Podcast ❤️

Who is this guy I owe him beers 🍻

Something I’ve produced …

This is an interview with Victor Haghani who is among many other things… the Co-Founder of LTCM (long term capital management), the Founder of Elm Wealth and the author of Missing Billionaires.

In this interview we focused on Victor himself... his experiences at Solomon in the 80s and a brush with Bill Browder (who by the way was recently knighted - check out his first appearance on the podcast here and second here), comments on Jim Simons and Nassim Taleb, an incredible moment of serendipity that would have changed his life forever and ultimately an exploration of Victor's worldview...

‘Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome’ - Charlie Munger (goat of pithy quotes)

I want to grow this newsletter and I want to grow this podcast. Typically, fellow creators in my position will offer you (my dear reader/listener) some reward whereby, if you refer x amount of people I will send you y reward.

Now, as you know, I work full time at Quartr which means after a long days work, I am booking, researching, recording, editing and publishing a podcast plus everything with the newsletter, and therefore only left with a few minutes for everything else that makes up a life.

And as such, setting up some type of rewards program hasn’t eventuated. BUT with that being said, I would nonetheless try to do something to incentivise you to share the show.

For the sake of transparency - about 6000 people follow the podcast across both Spotify & Apple, and several hundred subscribe to this newsletter. Not everyone listens to every episode, but so far in a 4 year lifetime I’m extremely chuffed with every new person - and I notice every. single. new. person

To get to the point where things are monetised I’d say tripling both of those metrics is necessary.

But for now, all I can offer is camaraderie - if you are reading this now you are, and will remain the most important viewership I will ever get… and this is because you are the early adopters. So all I can do is ask… if you enjoy this and if you know anyone who think might enjoy it as well - share it with them one at a time and share it on your socials to the masses. Follow the podcast wherever you listen to it and subscribe to this newsletter and bare with me, not everything will be directly interesting to you, but I endeavour that some of it definitely will be.

So pump your juice, send this to all your mates - and one day you’ll be able to say you were onto all this ‘Curious Worldview’ stuff from day 1.


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