Curious Worldview Weekender

The Weekend of Rory's

The best things I consumed this week… (a week of Rory’s)

Rory Stewart

How have I not heard of this guy before coming to London this week? He’s got to be one of the most impressive people with a huge public platform at the moment…

  • The Places In Between - Rory’s memoir walking across Afghanistan shortly after 9/11… I picked this up at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly (which turns out is the biggest book store in Europe)

  • Rory Stewart lecturing at Yale on Economic Development. I listened to this on the long train to Chesham to interview John Christensen.

  • Politics On The Edge - Rory’s frighteningly frank political memoir that confirms politics at its most cynical… narrow behaviour and a cliche of self interest. (I chopped this on audible with a 2 hour delay on my Ryanair return to Stockholm haha)

Rory Sutherland

Something I’ve produced …

From Churchill To Trump & Cicero To Hitchens… one of my most enjoyable podcasts to record to date!

Also, I wrote an essay on the ideas discovered in Sam’s book.

‘Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome’ - Charlie Munger (goat of pithy quotes)

I want to grow this newsletter and I want to grow this podcast. Typically, fellow creators in my position will offer you (my dear reader/listener) some reward whereby, if you refer x amount of people I will send you y reward (merch or something).

Now, as you know, I work full time at Quartr which means after a long days work, I am booking, researching, recording, editing and publishing a podcast plus and only left with a few minutes for everything else that makes up a life.

And as such, setting up some type of rewards program hasn’t eventuated. BUT with that being said, I would nonetheless try to do something to incentivise you to share the show.

For the sake of transparency - about 5000 people follow the podcast across both Spotify & Apple, and several hundred subscribe to this newsletter. Not everyone listens to every episode, but so far in a 4 year lifetime I’m extremely chuffed with every new person - and I notice every. single. new. person

To get to the point where things are monetised I’d say tripling both of those metrics is necessary.

But for now, all I can offer is camaraderie - if you are reading this now you are, and will remain the most important viewership I will ever get… and this is because you are the early adopters.

So all I can do is ask… if you enjoy this and if you know anyone who think might enjoy it as well - share it with them, share it on your socials, share it to the masses.

AND pump your juice! (that means a 5 star review)

Legends ;)


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