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Curious Worldview Podcast Guide

…I started this podcast in 2018 by interviewing my old boss, Davis Cutter. We worked together in Amsterdam, he was a bit of an odd fellow, ran several marathons a week after work… but he was an elite operator. Easily one of the most respected people in what was at the time a bustling startup. I knew he had an intriguing worldview, but without the formalities of a scheduled and recorded interview, it was tough to get out of him.

Anyway, that recording gave me the confidence to do one more, which then gave way to one more again.

Eventually, and not after too long, I am dm’ing and emailing all the people you see in the lists below.

At the end of the day, the podcast is a reflection of my interests over time. Some are constant, some are waning. In some of these interviews I drop the ball, and funnily enough in some, the guest does. But almost 4 years in, I recognise the huge chance this podcast offers me, therefore wired and dialled is the only way forward.

This newsletter, this post, these lists, and the whole production moving forward is an attempt to realise what this podcast can be.

Podcast Starter Packs

My Top 10 of all time and the Top 10 downloaded of all time.

I want this to be a useful extension for people who are diving into the podcast for the first time.

This document will be constantly expanded upon throughout the lifetime of the podcast.

Dig in mates…

Share this post with someone you think might be keen on the pod! I am so stoked that any of you are listening at all… please write to me, review the pod and engage however you can, I would be thrilled to hear from you!

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