Curious Worldview Weekender #1

Billy Walters anyone?

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Tim Marshall

This has stood out to me…

  • Billy Walters - The Gambler…

Holly hell… what a life. Billy has gone broke to millions more times than he can remember. For anyone with just a semblance of sports gambler in them, this book will be one of your favourites this year.

This is worth listening to just to hear Billy’s Kentucky drawl pronunciation of ‘cash’ and ‘stash’…

Billy is probably the most successful sports gambler in history, he’s been to prison, he hates Phil Mickelson, there’s plenty to love about this book.

This is what I want you to engage with most…

Matthew Friedman shares harrowing anecdote after harrowing anecdote as he delves into the underbelly of modern slavery and human trafficking.

It’s hard to think of a more worthwhile life pursuit than saving thousands of lives from this destitute.

He is the guest on the podcast this week. Share widely…

This is a photo worth saving…

This photo was taken by Lisa Kristine, an American fine-art photographer. This isn’t AI generated, take a closer look… this Vietnamese subject is wading through a sea of fishing nets.

I stumbled across Lisa Kristine because she liked something Matthew Friedman was tagged in on Linkedin (finally something worthwhile discovered on the worlds most forced social media).

Her photos are absolutely incredible, and you can expect she will feature as a photo to save in many future editions of the weekender.


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